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Our drink driving lawyers offer years of experience across DUI charges and traffic offences

Have you or someone you know been accused of drink driving? Drink driving (DUI) occurs when someone is in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle and drives or has the intention of driving, while under the influence of alcohol above the legal amount of blood alcohol level (BAC) – 0.05%. This differs across cases such as a learner, a ‘P’ plater or an individual that is operating a larger than standard motor vehicle.

With Victoria’s tough drink driving laws, contesting drink driving offences can be extremely challenging, especially if the offender is trying to avoid serious penalties, including mandatory license cancellation and disqualification, as well as terms of imprisonment in some cases. Legal advice and representation by experienced traffic offence and drink driving lawyers is crucial in this situation, especially if the client’s livelihood and liberty is at stake.

Melbourne’s trusted traffic offense lawyers

At Michael J Gleeson & Associates, our team comprises some of Melbourne’s best criminal defence lawyers, with proven outcomes in criminal trials of indictable charges to road traffic law including driving whilst disqualified or suspended and drink driving.

Our Principal, Michael Gleeson, has over thirty years of experience in the criminal justice system and understands that the outcome of your case will have a significant impact on your life.

Whether it’s a case of poor judgment or miscalculated alcohol consumption, you can rest assured that our drink driving and traffic offence lawyers are ready to support you every step of the way.

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